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We have 2 Facebook pages, the older page has already got it's maximum amount of 5000 friends, so simply click on the link above to be transported straight to the new 'business' page. This is exactly the same as our previous page but this time round, you just need to click the 'like' icon to be kept abreast of everything happening around the lakes, via Facebook



Simply click on the link above to go straight to the home of Abbey TV! Over the years, Jeroen has captured some great footage of the lakes and their inhabitants, both above and below the water's surface. His videos tend to be a compilation of our Anglers' holding their prized catches aloft but with the advent of modern technology these days, you never know what may be coming on to your screen? Well worth a browse if you're looking to whet your appetite on the build up to your holiday!


While you're waiting for the new season to swing round, check this promo teaser for a short edit that will be appearing on a new social networking medium in the (very) near future!!



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Our Twitter account is currently inactive but will (hopefully) be in constant use from the 16th March until the 15th November each and every season from here on in. It'll run along side our Instagram account to bring you all the latest news and pictures as they happen, live from the bank!

Another opportunity to keep up to date on all the latest goings on around the complex. As with Twitter, simply go to @abbeylakesofficial's Instagram account on your smart phone and click to follow