How to find Abbey Lakes

Les Etang de l'Abbaye

Chemin de l'abbaye

F-60126 Longueil Sainte Marie

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Find Abbey Lakes the easy way using these details:

Lat.: 49.33287 - Long.: 2.7195269


Upon leaving the Eurotunnel keep to the centre of the road and follow signs towards the town centre but don't actually leave the main road! After a short while the A26 will split left/right, keep to the right and follow the signs for Reims / Arras and Lille otherwise you will end up in Belgium. Now it is simply a case of driving straight down the motorway until you reach another fork, again stick to the right hand side and follow the signs for Arras and Paris via the A1! Having passed through the first set of toll booths, continue all the way down the A1 until you reach Junction 9, signposted Chevrières / Pont Sainte Maxence  /Creil. Take the slip road and after approximately 0.5km you will reach the toll booths, once through these you will approach a roundabout, go straight over and then take the very first exit (which looks like a small service road alongside the Norbert Dentressangle depot) and follow this to the crossroads. Go straight over the crossroads and drive for 2km until you reach a t-junction with a 'jet ski lake' on your left. Turn left here and follow the road for a further kilometre, turn left just as you pass under the bridge and voila, you have arrived at the Abbey complex.