House rules


1. On arrival and before going to the lakes, all anglers must register at the reception desk in the clubhouse.

2. A photocopy of your passport or identity card is required upon your arrival at Abbey Lakes.

3. The speed limit of all vehicles on the site and around the lakes is 10 Km/H and has to be strictly observed. Anglers seen speeding around the lakes will be asked to leave the complex.

4. A magnetic card, per vehicle, will be delivered with a 50€ deposit asked on arrival. The magnetic card must be returned on departure before 10am, if not, the deposit of 50€ will be kept by Abbey Lakes. This must be paid for in cash as refunds to cards are not possible on site

5. Its strictly forbidden to drive around the lakes between 8pm and 8am. In case of emergency, vehicles can leave the complex after 8pm but will remain parked at the clubhouse until 8am.

6. Vehicles may be parked along the tracks if they don't destroy or damage the ground / plants and don't obstruct the access.

7. Non-members are strictly forbidden on the property of Abbey Lakes. All non members wishing to visit a member on site should make themselves known to the directors of Abbey Lakes who will provide them with a provisional pass on receipt of a form of identification (e.g. passport, driving licence, etc.).

8. We inform customers of the presence of two high voltage lines on the Abbey Lakes complex. For the security of our customers, it's strictly forbidden to touch these high voltage lines by casting your rods or by any other method. The choice of our swim locations as well as the electricity warning signs around the lakes, have been chosen taking this into account.

The following swims can only be fished using a baitboat. Strictly no casting due to overhead power lines;

Attila: swim N°5

Heron: swim N° 7 + 8

Fox: swim N° 6 + 7 + 14

The respect of these mentioned conditions should avoid any danger. The non-respect by a customer or visitor of these mentioned conditions could cause an accident for which the customer will have the entire responsibility of his behaviour and acts. In case of an accident, the company SARL ECAC-Abbey Lakes cannot be sued and is not responsible for any damage or accident. In conclusion, it's strictly forbidden to cast a rod vertically or in direction of the two high voltage lines. In case of storm or thunder, it's strictly forbidden to angle/fish under or within proximity of these high voltage lines.

9. No open fires under any circumstance. Barbecues are authorized, but only with appropriate equipment which must be raised off the floor!

10. Entering the water on any of the lakes is strictly forbidden unless you are wearing waders to land/photograph a fish.

11. Using rowing boats is strictly forbidden in any of the lakes of Abbey Lakes except on Kingfisher Lake. This exception is only valid after having read, agreed and signed our general conditions and house rules available at the clubhouse.

12. Dogs are not permitted at Abbey Lakes.

13. Radios, TV's etc. are permitted as long as the sound cannot be heard outside the confines of your swim.

14. Fishing is only permitted in designated areas and within the swims indicated by numbers and/or physical limitations.

15. Any mis-handling or mutilation of fish will result in an immediate exclusion of the angler involved from the complex without any refund.

16. Anglers must clean up their swim and the surrounding area before departure.ALL Rubbish is to be bagged and tied securely and left in the rubbish hut located between Attila and Heron lake for staff collection!

17. In order to minimize the risk of weil's disease on the complex we have placed some rat traps around all our lakes. For your security, please don't touch these traps or the poison inside of them. Please respect the following advices: Always seal your bags of litter, don't walk around the lakes without shoes, don't throw away your surplus bait on the bank or in the water before your departure.

18. We aim to keep our clubhouse and shower area in perfect condition for everyone, please respect this, do not enter with dirty boots.

19. For security reasons Abbey Lakes is authorised to control and search vehicles on the complex as often as necessary.

20. The restaurant area is open to everyone with an appropriate dress code.

21. Abbey Lakes reserves the right to all images given to us by anglers, these images can be used by Abbey Lakes for promotion in Europe through magazines, internet-based social media and other means of promotion and communication.

22. The usage of rowing boats on allocated lakes can only be used with an appropriate life jacket and is the unique responsibility of the angler concerned.

23. Please note that there is an eco charge of 5 euros per PERSON. This is to be paid upon on arrival as you check in at reception.


Abbey Lakes will be strict regarding the full respect of their house rules. Any person who doesn't respect the general sales conditions and house rules of Abbey Lakes will be asked to leave the complex immediately without any refund. These rules are subject to change without prior notification.