Here you will find testimonials from our anglers. We don't solicit these comments, but they are extremely welcome. It's only fair we let you see what our visitors say about us!

It's been four years since first casting into Fox lake on the Abbey Lakes complex. And I can honestly say that in the seven trips I have made since then, I have fallen more and more in love with the place. Loads of cracking looking, large carp, among which you have fully scaled mirrors, linears, leathers and amazing looking, scale-perfect commons. Add to this the fact that it's only a two-hour jaunt from Calais, you surely cannot afford to ignore the Abbey Lakes complex. The staff are extremely helpful and informative regarding swims and tactics. So you see why for me Abbey ticks all the boxes, I shall return for many years yet. Hopefully I will see you there.

Ian Russell

Being only two hours from Calais, Abbey suits a quick break in any weather when things are bleak everywhere else in the UK. In fact, I fished there last January with Ian Russell when it was eight degrees for two nights, we then got some low pressure and rain and lads were getting bites all over the lakes. It's also perfect for my mobile approach, I can quite literally fish out of my van, meaning I can move onto fish at the drop of a hat, and with five lakes to choose from you can normally find some fish somewhere on the complex.

Iain MacMillan

Abbey Lakes in France, the ultimate place for everybody's challenges. The Abbey Lakes complex is situated in the northern part of France and just 5 minutes away from junction 9 on the A1 which leads to Paris. This makes it very easy to get to for every European and for the British carpers who are looking for a quality fishery in France. I personally visited the place for the first time in 2001 and for me it was love at first sight. You don't have to book a swim in advance which gives you the flexibility to pick your swim by your own knowledge and observation on arrival! The Abbey Lakes complex has several lakes and every lake has its own character and target fish. I personally fish almost every lake on the complex, except Attila. To sum up, Abbey Lakes has it all for everyone's needs, nice lakes, really big and challenging fish, and you'll have the possibility to move swims or even lakes if possible and after a good conversation with the bailiffs. For me, there's no other venue that can challenge or be compared with the Abbey Lakes complex, that's an honest note!

Mario Taal

Abbey Lakes is my favourite venue in France and for good reason too! I've been going to Abbey a couple of times a year for the last five years. It's one of those venues that just has it all. The facilities are second to none, hot showers, proper flushing toilets, a clubhouse, tackle shop and hot and cold food to order. Also, the local supermarket and petrol station are only 10 minutes away. You are able to drive your car/van to every swim on the complex, there is a lake at Abbey to suit everyone's taste from a runs water like Attila to slightly harder ones like Heron which holds a very impressive 95lber (2015)! All this and it's only a 2-hour drive from Calais! However, the best thing about Abbey Lakes is that it contains literally hundreds and hundreds of some of the most stunning-looking, big carp in Europe. In fact, every time I've been I've caught, whether it being in the depths of winter or the height of summer, all this makes Abbey an easy choice for either a short weekend break or a weeks long trip? Abbey has got it all!!

Leon Bartropp

I first visited Abbey Lakes for a few days in November 2000 for a match held by a few mates to celebrate my good friend Rob Hughes' birthday. On reaching the venue I was amazed just how many lakes were on the complex, all full with stunning-looking carp, although at the time, not big for French standards.  The lakes held some beautiful dark carp, due to the gin clear water the fish looked like they had just come out of an Oxfordshire pit! It was a great match with me and fishing partner Stu Wallis, actually winning that event, which was held on Fox Lake. I have watched the Abbey complex over the last ten years or so, and it has become one of Europe's premier carping destinations, with anglers travelling from all over Europe to fish the lakes, as they now hold so many big carp with a complex record of 98lb+. I love these types of waters as they allow you to make new friends with anglers from so many different countries! However, it is the fish that keep me going back, oh yes, and there is the small matter that it is only a 2-hour  drive from Calais! For myself, I rarely get a chance to fish for more than three or four nights due to work commitments so Abbey is the perfect venue with the prices of the Eurotunnel coming down all the time, it makes Abbey a very reasonable option for my short sessions! So at Abbey you can fish from a few days to longer sessions as they have packages to suit everyone and with an on-site restaurant, shower block, English toilets and a tackle shop, free wi-fi and charging facilities it has everything you need for a perfect trip. Food can even be delivered to your swim! I like fishing the venue during the winter months as well and find it can still be very productive when most of the lakes in England have slowed up! So with all this going for Abbey it is no surprise it is my favourite French complex!

Rob Marsh

I visited Abbey Lakes in the winter time to deliver several pallets of BaitZone for the store, while I was there I was given the opportunity to fish for a couple of days, hard going I thought but lets go for it... within a short while this beautiful mirror came out on our bloodworm range just one ounce short of 40lb, now that's a good fishery! I realised the complex is well run, with clean toilets, great food and everything I wanted from the shop too, the advice given to me by the bailiff Rupert was spot on, correct and very knowledgeable, as proven by the fish that were caught. A great place that will see me back for sure. Thank you Abbey, well done to you all there!

Gary Bailey

I’ve was fortunate enough to visit the Abbey Lakes complex for the first time for a short three-night session during the autumn of 2011. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed my time fishing on Fox Lake, albeit my fishing time was extremely limited as I was filming and shooting a magazine feature during the time I was there. The atmosphere at Abbey was very welcoming and the fishing was superb for everyone. In the very limited time that I fished, the fish were very cooperative and in effectively three overnight sessions (in different swims) I banked three thirty pounders, the biggest 36lb 6oz. Abbey made an impression on me and I can’t wait to get back!

Jerry Bridger

Having fished Attila on 2 separate occasions last year, enjoying some great Winter action landing fish up to 38lb plus I couldn't help but wonder what else the lake had to offer as I had seen fish show that were substantially bigger, Attila seems to be looked upon as the "runs" water with the smaller fish, where you go to get a bite if you are struggling on the other lakes, however after our last 2 trips out their I would say the lake is now well on its way to being a proper French big carp venue! In total both Dad and myself fished 6 nights, one session was a weekender and the other a midweek break, and in that time we managed to land no fewer than 82 carp, amongst that little lot 22 went over 30lb with 6 of these going 37lb plus, including a stunning 37lb 12oz common as well as 6 over the magical 40lb mark up to a stunning mirror weighing 46lb 14oz . . . . . and all this great winter sport just 2 hours from Calais, I know for a fact we will soon be back out there, so what are you waiting for, get out there and enjoy what Attila lake has to offer!

Tom Maker

Having fished for various species of fish from around the world, I’d have to say that without doubt Abbey Lakes in France is one of my favourite fishing venues and that for that reason I have returned many times now, for a number of years. The fact that I have never failed to catch some of the superb carp that reside there is one reason for this and just one example of how the complex caters for the needs of the modern-day angler. By modern day, I guess I’m really talking about how busy my working life is and like a great many people out there, I’m not always blessed with loads of time to fish. Within 2 hours of driving from the Channel Tunnel train I’m there on the banks of Abbey Lakes where I can drive to my swim and begin fishing for huge carp to over 90lbs! Hats off to owner Sebastien in operating a flexible booking system, excellent on-site facilities and a food service, tipped off with a friendly atmosphere, what more could an angler want?

Kevin Knight

I started fishing Abbey Lakes just after it first opened around 1999. Since then I've had numerous visits and caught carp from most of the lakes on the complex. It's a great fishery with loads of big carp to have a go for, and they're simply stunning. Everything you need is on site, including proper toilets and showers. Cooked food is also available. Sebastien and his staff are only too happy to help you. Being only two hours from Calais makes it very easy to get to. It's a fantastic place to fish. I can't wait to get back.

Barry Oconnor

I love fishing at Abbey Lakes. It has to be my favourite carp venue in France! It's an easy drive from Calais and except for the last mile or so, it's motorway all the way. The staff make you feel very welcome and are friendly and helpful. There is a relaxed atmosphere about Abbey, and the rules are mostly common sense. I've had some big hits during my visits to this excellent fishery and there have been some real stunners among them. With carp to over 90lbs you can see why I keep going back to this awesome fishery.

Ben Oconnor

Having enjoyed a recent winter trip to the renowned Abbey Lakes angling resort in France to complete some filming with Gardner Tackle I though I would put pen to paper to describe the venue, the fish and the staff.


The lakes, being closed to all visitors except Winter VIP members, were quiet so there was plenty of room to move about and to angle freely. This was genuinely a breath of fresh air as I kind of expected a venue, with the stamp of stock that the lakes at Abbey holds, to be busier than it was! Happy days.


The amenities are excellent, and with the on-site tackle shop, toilet / shower facilities, restaurant and friendly helpful staff the whole experience was a delight. Hans, the head bailiff, was on hand each day to offer advice and steer us in the right direction, and a couple of the VIP members were only too happy to offer hints based on their experience of fishing the venue. Even Rupert back in England was keen to give us guidance so that the trip would be successful and enjoyable. This sort of support really made the whole trip that little bit more pleasant.


The venue rules allowed us to use a variety of methods with out any silly restrictions and it was really nice to see that the owner and bailiffs took the welfare of the fish (jewels) extremely seriously. This married with our ethos that the fish’s welfare is paramount. The way it should be...


Luckily, we struck it very lucky with the weather, which turned from freezing cold December weather to positively balmy conditions just in time for our visit. More through luck than judgment I would hasten to add!


We enjoyed a great trip – caught some great fish – and quite frankly cant wait to go back again sometime in the future. Three of us went out and all three of us caught French PB’s! How good is that? VERY!

Lewis Read

My revisit to Abbey took place in winter 2012, just before Christmas. I travelled with my old mate Ting Tong and the 4 night trip had been planned by him to coincide with some good weather.
One of the things I have always loved about Abbey is the calibre of the fish, they are some of the best looking fish to be found anywhere. The Abbey fish are renowned for being not only scaley and dark but bloody big too! 
And so it was, as a succession of fish fell to both our rods, that we lived out a few long nights catching some of the best carp around. The fact that it was midwinter served to make the experience even more satisfying, but this wasn't coincidence - Abbey has long been known as an outstanding winter venue! Best regards and thanks for having me!
Adam Penning