Angling rules




Due to health and safety, the following swims can only be fished using a baitboat. Strictly no casting due to overhead power lines;

Attila: swim N°5

Heron: swim N° 7 + 8

Fox: swim N° 6 + 7 + 14


1. Maximum of 3 Rods ONLY, unless you have paid the supplement for a 4th!

2. Fishing is only permitted from numbered pegs.

3. a) NO flat or beanie style unhooking mats are to be used, only high-sided ones such as the JRC XL, Chub Xtra protection or Fox STR are to be used.

b) ALL anglers must carry and USE disinfectant to treat EVERY fish caught

4. NO carp sacks - FLOATING retainer style slings ONLY - Fox STR, Chub Eazi-flow, Venture XL, etc..

5. Landing nets must be over 42" in diameter. NO Keep nets to be used at any time.

6. a) ALL carp over 60lb are to be witnessed, weighed and photographed by a member of the Abbey Lakes staff regardless of time.

6. b) ALL carp over 50lb must be photographed over the water and NOT on the bank please.

6. c) All fish caught are to be weighed and photographed IMMEDIATELY and NOT left in a retention sling until the morning.

7. a) ALL Rubbish is to be bagged and tied securely and left in the rubbish hut located between Attila and Heron lake for staff collection!

b) Under NO circumstances are you to dispose of any excess bait in the margins of the lake or in the bushes around your swim!

8. NO nut baits at all are to be used !

9. Anyone found using their surroundings as a toilet will be asked to leave the complex immediately.

10. Strictly NO treble or 'Bent' hooks to be used on ANY of the lakes, for ANY species.

11. Bait boats are permitted BUT care must be taken to ensure you keep within your swim boundaries. Anyone not adhering to this rule will be barred from using their boat immediately.

12. You MUST remove your footwear prior to entering the sanitary block.

13. You MUST clean the shower block EVERY time you finish using it. Anybody found flouting these rules shall be asked to either rectify the situation immediately or will be asked to leave the complex.

14. Leadcore IS permitted.

15. Barbed hooks ONLY! And a minimum of a size 6, a polite suggestion would be to use hooks of size 4 or above!

16. Minimum 15lb breaking strain mainline

17. Absolutely NO fixed leads to be used

18. Absolutely NO spinning for Predators on the complex, Anyone found to be flouting this rule will be asked to leave the complex!!!

19.Other than Kingfisher lake, The use of rowing boats is Forbidden on the complex! If and when the weed level is up on the lakes, you may use a boat to help land fish but must check with a member of staff! We will announce if and when you need to bring a boat over during the summer months on this website and via our facebook page!

20. Maggots can ONLY be used during the WINTER period

21. Metal framed cradles may NOT be used. Only padded mats with padded sides.



1. NO treble hooks.

2. NO wire traces to be used.

3. Catfish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible.

4. The use of a rowing boat is permitted on Kingfisher Lake, for the sole purpose of playing / retrieving fish ONLY and not placing baits . It is COMPULSORY to wear a life jacket at ALL times when in the boat and this is authorised only with the understanding that it is the unique responsibility of the Angler(s) involved.

5. NEVER wear any style of waders if you are going out on the lake in a boat, Abbey Lakes would like to draw your attention to the fact that due to ours being a natural fishery, we cannot be responsible for the weather or how and when the fish choose to feed ,The Bailiffs as with all the staff at Abbey will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have and do all they can to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay during your time here.




1. You must not stay longer than 7 days in any one swim.

2. It is ok to fish at longer range during the Winter (space permitting) but if another Angler should choose to set up in a swim you are affecting, you must reel in immediately.

3. A 4th Rod MAY be permitted at the discretion of Abbey staff but you must ask before using one.

4. ALL Rubbish is to be disposed of in the bins at the entrance to the Complex, it is not the responsibility of Abbey staff during the Winter period.

5. You are NOT permitted to use a rowing boat during this period, if you require one due to a fish being 'weeded up' then you must first call the Bailiff and he will assist you where necessary!

6. Please do not park your vehicle in your swim during the Winter season as, a) it ruins the ground and b) you may well get stuck.