Abbey Lakes Swims
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Abbey Lakes Swims
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Abbey Lakes Carp
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Attila is the most recent addition to the 'main Lakes' stable. Attila started life as the stock pond for Fox and Heron but at 18 acres in size is definitely a superb fishery in it's own right now!
Abbey Lakes Swims

Attila Lake

Attila has 9 pegs and Abbey allow up to 7 Anglers on at any one time, so while there isn't quite as much of a choice should you wish to change swims, it is always a possibility!

The lake is almost round in shape but with a small 3 or 4 acre bay running off down one bank where 3 of the swims are located.

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2024 Price
7 days per angler

Attila Lake Swims

Attila Lake Swims

It is slightly shallower than the other lakes at Abbey with depths ranging from 4'-11' throughout the main part of the lake and the odd slightly deeper area around 13'-15'. Once again it can be quite weedy during the peak Summer months but once past the margins it is quite clear on the whole with just a few major weedbeds present in the centre of the lake.

It does have a small island at the 'far end' and can only be fished from 2 of the banks thereby ensuring that nobody interferes with anyone else's water!

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Abbey Lakes Carp

Attila Carp

The average weight of fish is pushing on dramatically as the lake gains in popularity and currently sits at around 30lb – 40lb its difficult to put an excact number on stock leveld but its safe to say its well overstocked like all our lakes here.

The fish in Attila Lake are growing a staggering rate and and already boasts an impressive 4 different fish breaking the magical 60lb barrier and I’m sure it wont be long before it contains 70lb ‘ers like the other main lakes

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Abbey Lakes Swims


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Attila Tactics & Tips

Attila is as close to a 'Runs water' as Abbey can offer the average Angler these days and that's rapidly changing as it develops into a Specimen water in it's own right! For the time being however, it is possible to catch large numbers of ever growing Carp with relatively basic techniques.

There are large clear areas on the lake bed of Attila and therefore my preferred Rig comprised either a simple 6-8" bottom bait rig or the combi rig I use on Heron. I have never been a true fan of Pop ups and although I am sure they have their place in Carping, if I can present a bait on the bottom, I shall do so! As I have covered elsewhere, the Attila carp are quite Nomadic and appear to travel around the Lake in shoals, looking for food, hence the possibility of multiple captures! Regards Bait, almost any standard approach will work, it's just about getting the application right!

I have had wonderful sessions on Attila by fishing over big beds of Particle, Groundbait and Boilies by both piling it in and waiting as well as on a little and often basis! There are a handful of Crayfish present in Attila so I would once again opt to tip my Hookbait with a piece of fake Corn for peace of mind. My favoured line of attack though has to be with a Spod or Spombing approach and to bait a large area quite heavily with Hemp and Maize including a good dollop of Condensed Milk extract, something I have found to cloud the water up for long periods.

I begin with 50 over each Rod and top up with another 10-25 after each Fish. Any quality Boiled baits should score highly on Attila, I have had some major results using Mainline's Cell and/or Activ-8, as well as their Sweet Pineapple, Baitcraft's T1 and Super K as well as a cheaper European Boilie from a Dutch Company, Pro Line, that was called Robin Red and Garlic!

Abbey Lakes Swims

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"I have fallen more and more in love with the place. Loads of cracking looking, large carp." Ian Russell

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