Abbey Lakes Swims
25 acres
Abbey Lakes Swims
18 swims
Abbey Lakes Anglers
13 anglers
Abbey Lakes Carp
70 lb+

Fox was the first Lake available to fish when Abbey opened it's doors way back in the year 2000. Since then it has progressed at an incredible rate and is now the jewel in the crown on the complex!
Abbey Lakes Swims

Fox Lake

The lake itself is around 25 acres in size and is shaped in roughly the same manner as a capital letter P.

There are 18 swims around the lake and there is a limit of 13 anglers allowed at any one time, so there is always an option to move should you wish!. Fox is good test of angling ability and if you get it right then the rewards are there to be had, as with all waters that contain weed presentation is key so make sure you find then spots, the fish in fox love to follow the wind so they are moving about all the time which gives everybody there chance just make the most of it when its yours!

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2024 Price
7 days per angler

Abbey Lakes Swims

Fox Swims

The make up of the lake is a largely sand and gravel bed with a prolific growth of canadian pondweed around the margins in Summer and some silkweed beds in the central areas of the lake during the same period.

There is a large plateau at the top end of the lake (in the head of the 'P') as well as numerous holes, gullies and bars to be found around the rest of the lake. Unlike most other French fisheries, depths range from 6'-8' in the steeply shelving margins down to an average of 14'-16' out in the middle, with deeper areas still, between Pegs 14 and 15.

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Abbey Lakes Carp

Fox Carp

The average weight of the stock in Fox is almost unrivalled anywhere else in Europe!. What sets Fox apart from the crowd is it's huge head of 40lb+ Carp.

If it’s a PB you want to break then fox is the lake for you as well as all the 40lb + carp it holds a good head of 50lb fish with at least a dozen known 60’s and a couple over 70lb add to that a group of very scaley almost English looking carp that would be a great addition to any carp anglers album, so there is plenty to go at and add to that a group of massive grass carp which I believe go to record breaking weights already being banked to just under 80lb!

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Abbey Lakes Swims

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With new, delicious, home-cooked options on our seasonal menus, there should be something for everyone.

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We have a massive range of Boilies, Pellet, Prepared Particles, matching hook baits, dips and more all on-site.

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Take a look for a full run down of the angling rules at Abbey Lakes!

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Abbey Lakes Swims

Fox Tactics & Tips

Of all the waters on the complex, Fox has shown that one particular method stands head and shoulders above all others as the way to go on it. In this instance, it's the parachute bag! This Lake has been fished by a large contingent of bait boat users for a number of years now and consequently it pays to keep things stealthy!

This is not to say that spodding and/or spombing do not work, just that the fish have grown accustomed to a quieter approach and will often shy away from too much noise from new arrivals in a swim. The parachute bag is simplicity in itself, basically being no more than a solid PVA bag on the end of your chosen rig, with the lead fished outside of it! The beauty of this is that it will follow the lead down to the Lakebed and then hover above it (due to the air trapped inside) until the Bag dissolves allowing the rig to settle gently on the spot with a nice compact area of pellet and/or boilie crumb surrounding it!

To sum up, this method can be used either dropped from the hopper of your bait boat or if you are casting, by simply reducing the size of the bag! To create the bag rig, simply select your hooklink material of choice and form a rig 8-12" in length. Attach a bait in the normal manner and then slide this down to the bottom of the bag and nick the hookpoint through from the inside out! I have found this method to be the best with regard to ensuring the hookpoint is never masked by any of the contents of the bag! Then fill the Bag 2/3 full with your choice of feed, shake the bag so that it's nice and compact and then while making sure that the hooklink is exiting from the centre of the opening, twist the Bag 2 or 3 times and then tie off the neck with 2 turns of PVA tape. Try not to do more than this as in deeper or colder water, there can be some residue left over! Finally, gently pull the end of the rig so that it's nice and taut and fold the neck of the bag over and lick / stick the edges to streamline it if you intend to cast it out?

Naturally a multitude of rigs and other methods will all work on Fox Lake but due to the abundance of silkweed and a bottom that comprises large areas of silt for the most part, the parachute bag is in my opinion, the best suited. The Fox Lake carp do also respond better to zig rigs than their counterparts in the other waters so if you're struggling for a bite it may pay to switch 1 rod on to this method and see if you can work out what level they're swimming at? Having dealt with which rigs are suitable, I would like to cover the best baiting strategy to employ on Fox. As mentioned in the overview, there are signal crayfish present in Fox so it is probably best to avoid using a large bed of boilies! Instead, most prefer to use a large amount of pellet, in the region of 1-3kg per rod, per Fish.

There is actually a proven scientific reason for this, crayfish have been around for many thousands of years and in their genetic make up is an instinct not to crawl over food to get to food, so with a big spread of Pellet surrounding your hookbait, you are in fact shielding it from them! They also have very small stomachs and given this, the best approach is to feed them off as it doesn't take long to do so. However, if you were to do this with boilies, they'd simply return at a later date to eat what they'd left the first time.

If you do it with pellet though, by the time they're hungry again, the pellet has dissolved so the Food signal had diminished greatly and hopefully they won't be attracted to your solitary hookbait! Finally, it may also be worth avoiding anything too fishy if you like to use Boilies. Mainline's Cell has proven to be very, very successful on Fox over the past few years, this combined with a pineapple juice pop up in a snowman presentation has accounted for literally hundreds if not, thousands of large carp

Abbey Lakes Swims

What Our Customers Say...

"I banked three thirty pounders, the biggest 36lb 6oz. Abbey made an impression on me and I can’t wait to get back!" Jerry Bridger

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