Welcome to Abbey Lakes France

COVID UPDATE ( 05/08/21)


From Sunday 08/08/21, France is being moved to the amber list meaning no more isolation on your return to the UK for all anglers having their 2 jabs. This means there is now nothing anymore stopping you traveling to France for your holidays as all of us had plenty of time for planning their vaccination program.



Now that the restrictions have been lifted we will no longer except people asking to move their holiday. Please don't ask us to do so.


We have moved loads of bookings without question from March 2020 up until now and we have done everything we possibly can to accommodate everyone during this horrible situation even though we know it’s not possible to please everybody.

For us this has been a MASSIVE financial hit, every week that's been moved is a week we can no longer sell in the coming years.


It's going to take us at least 4 years to financially recover and that all depends on things going smoothly from this point onwards.

We are sorry we have to take this hard line with regards to no longer moving bookings but we feel we have no other choice, we truly hope you can understand this.

If however things change again like France being put on the red list we will go back to doing everything we can to accommodate our customers.


Can't tell you how much the team at Abbey and the fish are looking forward to see you back on the banks again !

Finally we are starting to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel…


The Abbeylakes’team

Dine in with us...and relax !

Saturday: Homemade lasagna, chips, salad


Sunday: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, fresh veg, gravy


Monday: Atilla Burger & chips


Tuesday: Homemade steak & ale pie, mashed potatoes, fresh veg, gravy


Wednesday: BBQ chicken, pitta bread, salad & chips


Thursday: Homemade cottage pie, fresh veg


Friday: Battered fish, chips, peas & wedge of lemon



Meals are available as part of a food package or booked for specific days. Food packages can be purchased during your booking or upon check in. We ask where possible to pre-book meal options before arrival to avoid dissapointment during peak times. All meals are prepared onsite with locally sourced ingredients.


*For diatary requests or subtitutes to the stated menu, please speak to a member of the team.


Nathalie, our Abbey Chef, is pleased to continue offering all our guests with our popular food package options . Full-week packages can be pre-booked or options to pick breakfasts/meals for just specific days are fine too! With new, delicious, home-cooked options on our seasonal menus, there should be something for everyone.


Meal orders needs to be made during booking or when you settle the balance payment. Meals are cooked daily from fresh ingredients, so pre-ordering is essential.


Breakfast will be served at 9am in the club house. Breakfast includes a traditional full english with complimentary coffee or tea and a glass of fresh orange juice included.


Dinner is set at 05.00pm in the club house with the option to collect and take hot food back to your swim. 


For more details on how to book this fantastic package, please email info@abbeylake.com or contact the clubhouse direct on 00 33 344 380 866


We ask that you pre-book this service in advance of your visit and therefore either pay at the time of booking or when you settle the balance 10 weeks prior to arrival.


*Food packages ordered on arrival are subject to availability. We can not guarantee in busy periods that food is available due to stock of fresh ingredients.


Prices are as follows :


A) Breakfast only €11 per plate €77 for week

B) Dinner only €11 per plate €77 for week

C) Full package only €154 for week



If you would like to experience french cuisine at its finest or perhaps celebrate a special event during your stay, ask a member of the team about our on-site restaurant. Tables can be booked  for you - subject to availability during peak periods or have a look on our restaurant website


NEW Abbey Bait Range

The Dark Addiction combines everybody's favourite particle with one that's not so well known but is also highly attractive in it's own right. By combining Hemp with Buckwheat, we have found a mix that binds really well and will settle and last longer on the lakebed than Hemp on it's own. The attraction is two-fold, firstly you have the oil leakage from the Hemp, rising through the layers, while the Buckwheat emits a lovely milky cloud down on the bottom. By adding a healthy dose of pure Aniseed Oil to this, we believe it's as good an attractor as any!

Priced at 8 Euros per 2kg

The Yellow Peril is another all-time favourite. In this guise, it's quite simply Maize with a cheeky liquid additive at the optimum levels to boost it's attractiveness for all Seasons!

Priced at 8 Euros per 2kg

All the above are freshly prepared, left to cool and then frozen immediately to preserve them at their best. Whilst they contain no preservatives, the cooking process sees that they will last the length of the average stay at Abbey (7 days) with no trouble at all but we still advise that you don't leave them outside during the Summer and always keep them in as cool a place as possible. There is no mandatory use of our particles in place so you can bring your own but to be honest, our fish see so much of this range you would be mad to go with any other brand!!


All 3 are packaged in 2.2kg jars and are held on site at all times but to ensure we have enough in stock (should you be ordering on behalf of an exclusive Lake booking or a smaller group of friends), please contact us in advance, either by email : info@abbeylakes.com or via the office by calling : 00 33 344 380 866



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Check out Abbey TV on You Tube for the most recent videos from around the complex.

Les Etangs de l'Abbaye or Abbey Lakes was founded in 1999 by Sébastien
Harle d'Ophove who had a unique aim in mind, to create Europe's first angling centre for both carp and catfish. The complex officially opened it's doors for business during March 2000, providing fishermen with a choice of 4 lakes.

Fox and Heron were the specimen carp waters, Kingfisher was marketed as a 'Predator' water with a huge head of massive catfish and pike stocked and Wild Boar was initially opened as a mixed fishery for both match and specimen fishing.

The following year, Abbey opened a 5th Lake, Attila, which had been used as a stocking lake in line with their strict fishery management policy to grow on and produce only the finest Carp from an on-site facility.

During 2003, Sébastien continued to raise the standard of the fishery and added a tackle shop within the clubhouse.

In 2006 Abbey formed an ongoing partnership with the famous English bait manufacturer, Mainline Baits who have been associated with the complex ever since.

During the same season, Abbey launched a food delivery service, offering anglers the chance to have their dinners served fresh each evening to the swim and also opened Attila and Frog, another previously unfishable water to the general public as 2 further specimen lakes!

In 2009 Abbey undertook a re-stocking program on Kingfisher Lake to add some Carp and selected some of their finest home grown stock ranging in weight from 26.04-52.08lb with a view to realising the fantastic potential of this water as a carp fishery in the future! Another first, was the launch of a Winter period 'VIP card' system, whereby any angler who had visited the complex during the previous season could now book and fish during the traditional close season, giving the opportunity of some fantastic sport! In 2011 there was an intensive maintenance and restoration project to
overhaul all the tracks around the lakes which is now ongoing through the winter period each year, and the provision of a ladies-only wet room / toilet facility within the shower block itself and for peace of mind, an electronic security barrier has been added at the entrance to the fishery!

During 2010 Frog lake reverted back to a match lake and Wild Boar was split into 2 distinct waters to supplement this, creating Wild Boar 2, a new specimen venue for the complex.

Abbey has been constantly involved in offering it's facilities to a number of high profile events and organisations over the years and can list amongst it's accolades, hosting the 2001 European Carp Masters event on Fox and Heron, the 2002 International Match Angling Championships on Wild Boar as well as 2 events that now run every year due to the popularity of the venue, the Forces Carp Classic (formerly the Tri Services Challenge) which pits teams from the Army, Navy and Air Force against each other every October since being founded in 2005. Plus the infamous Abbey Challenge, which began in 2007, an event originally created by Rob Hughes to thank all the helpers and Bailiffs from the BCAC and has blossomed into a healthy competition within it's own right!

In November 2011 Abbey was the platform for another event, this time hosting the Fox Carp Experience, an interactive weekend showcasing the Fox brand, it's products and staff, again another first for Abbey as nothing on this scale had been tried in France before!
During the Winter of 2013, Abbey also hosted the inaugural ECAC (European Carp Angling Championship), a spin-off from it's 'big brother' in the UK, the BCAC.

Nowadays, the clubhouse itself is regarded as the finest of it's kind at any fishery within Europe and features SKY TV, free WI-FI, secure charging points for your electrical devices, it also houses a fully-fledged kitchen providing anglers with all manner of hot food and drink, ranging from full English breakfasts to draught beer and selected local wines! There is also an integral showerblock with English-style toilets and both hot/cold drinking water available 24hrs a day, a totally revamped tackle store which now holds an array of stock from companies such as Fox International, Avid Carp, Enterprise, Matrix Innovations, Gardner Tackle, RigMarole, BaitZone, Mainline Baits and an exclusively designed Abbey clothing range in conjunction with Navitas Apparel, last but not least, there are some very comfortable leather sofas and chairs where you can sit and read a book from the 'exchange' library should you wish to have a breather from the incredible Fishing!
May 2012 saw the launch of a stunning on-site restaurant set overlooking the lake that borders Sébastien's private residence, offering fantastic food in a wonderful location!
Since this website was launched and the above script, written, the complex has continued to expand on all fronts, not all of them fishing-related! Situated at the opposite end of the main car park to the restaurant, there is now a multi-lingual nursery school (c.2013/14), run by Sebastien's wife, Valerie. It's proved such a success with the local community that it has had to be extended within 12 months of opening.
The family have also recently added a line of home-grown, fresh produce to their roster (2016), including a range of seasonal honeys that are produced within the on-site hives and also some rather tasty liquers based on regional flowers, fruits, herbs and spices.
The fact that Abbey continues to grow and thrive during the modern climate shows many things, not least that Sébastien has achieved exactly what he set out to do, create a unique fishery in beautiful surroundings! The vision and focus still remains as strong today!
With such a heady mix of lakes, facilities, pricing, ease of access, flexibility and of course, the world-famous stock, can you afford not to come to Abbey to experience it all for yourself?
We look forward to welcoming you soon!