Wild Boar
Abbey Lakes Swims
12 acres
Abbey Lakes Swims
11 swims
Abbey Lakes Anglers
10 anglers
Abbey Lakes Carp
50 lb+

Wild Boar is set to replace Attila as the 'runs water' on the complex with a huge head of carp that should provide plenty of action for anglers of all ages and abilities!
Abbey Lakes Swims

Wild Boar Lake

Wildboar had until recently (2014) been divided into 2 halves, catering for both match and specimen anglers alike, but after 2 seasons of successfully netting and removing the smaller carp from WildBoar 2, the decision was taken to remove the temporary fence that had been installed and make the lake a whole again.

The lake itself is a little over 14 acres in size and an interesting shape, which should give everyone fishing there, their own section of water with no problems from anglers opposite.

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2024 Price
7 days per angler

Abbey Lakes Swims

Wild Boar Swims

There will be 11 swims available that can be occupied by no more than 10 anglers at any one time, it averages 10' in depth with fairly steep margins of between 5-6.5' within a rod length of the bank and a maximum depth at the Kingfisher lake-end of nearly 20'.

The lake's bed is almost entirely composed of sand, gravel and silt with barely any weed whatsoever. In terms of stock, we are unsure of the exact number of carp present but it is safe to say that it's many hundred and therefore, there are plenty for everybody!

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Abbey Lakes Carp

Wild Boar Carp

The majority of the fish in Wild Boar weigh between 20-25lb now, with a few smaller fish still growing on.

There are also some absolutely stunning fish in the 30-40lb bracket and the largest carp stocked from one of our external lakes weighs over 50lb, this is the ideal lake if you just want to catch a few fish and chill out for the week.

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Abbey Lakes Swims

Wild Boar Availability

Looking for your perfect carp fishing holiday on Wild Boar?

Select your drive and survive carp holiday requirements below and our live booking system will search Wild Boar dates for you.

Abbey Lakes Carp
Food Package

With new, delicious, home-cooked options on our seasonal menus, there should be something for everyone.

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Abbey Lakes Carp
Bait Service

We have a massive range of Boilies, Pellet, Prepared Particles, matching hook baits, dips and more all on-site.

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Abbey Lakes Carp
Lake Rules

Take a look for a full run down of the angling rules at Abbey Lakes!

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Abbey Lakes Swims

Wild Boar Tactics & Tips

Due to the lack of weed, it is again possible to approach Wild Boar in any manner you see fit, anglers have had success here using pretty much any recognised method. Zig fishing and the 'spodicopter' rig have accounted for huge weights of fish during the warmer months, while searching out those all important changes in depth and make up of the bottom will pay dividends during the Spring and Winter periods!

Another style that has worked very well in recent times is to fish with a method feeder and to feed loose balls of Groundbait at the same time. These fish seem to shoal up together as per the Attila residents and therefore it is important to hold them in your swim to maximise results.

Abbey Lakes Swims

What Our Customers Say...

"For me, there's no other venue that can challenge or be compared with the Abbey Lakes complex, that's an honest note!" Mario Taal

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