Booking Terms & Conditions

The company « ECAC - Abbey Lakes » grants their customers access to the property for the purpose of fishing holidays during the day and night and customers choose their own period of stay. Bookings made by the customer online, by phone or by email confirm agreement to these Booking Terms & Conditions, our Complex Rules and Fishing Rules of Abbey Lakes and any queries must be raised within 7 days of receiving confirmation of booking.


Bookings are only valid after payment of a non-refundable deposit whatever the reason of cancellation including pandemia issues. Abbey Lakes reserves the right to refuse any booking without to give any explanation.

The person/leader confirming the booking, on behalf of other anglers, part of the same group and bookings reference number, confirms he/she has the full authority to book also the angling session of those other anglers part of the same group and bookings reference number. He/she also confirm having forward our Booking Terms & Conditions, Complex Rules and Fishing Rules towards all anglers part of the same group and bookings reference number which they all have read, agreed and confirmed.


Booking is confirmed once the deposit has been paid into the bank account of Abbey Lakes. The balance should be paid a minimum of 10 weeks prior to arrival. If the balance amount is not paid at the latest 10 weeks before arrival, Abbey Lakes will automatically cancel the concerned booking without any refund. All bookings made less than 10 weeks before the date of arrival must be paid in full.


Any bookings or angling session cancelled or modified by the customer, for whatever reasons, do not qualify for a refund even in case of partly or fully paid balance payments.

We strongly advise our anglers to subscribe a travel and holiday insurance in their own country of residence.


To increase the security on the lakes and in order to allow our anglers not to be disturbed during their session, in the night or early in the morning, all vehicle traffic is prohibited after 8pm until 8am. A magnetic card, per vehicle, will be delivered with a 50€ deposit asked for. Abbey Lakes reserves the right to send off, without any refund, any anglers or drivers who will not respect the traffic hours (excluding emergency cases).

Force Majeure

The company « ECAC - Abbey Lakes » is not liable for any loss, delay or cancellation due to the following situations; Fire, storm, flood, closure of ports, weather conditions, acts of God, riots, political unrest, industrial disputes, war or any other event or circumstance beyond our control as for instance carp spawning, not feeding, frozen lake, flooded lake.


All paying customers have free access to the site of Abbey Lakes and to all it's facilities. We regret that whilst all precautions are taken to secure safety within the site, Abbey Lakes cannot be held responsible for any damage, theft or accidents. To ensure the safety of all customers, there are strict rules which must be followed, and the company cannot accept responsibility in the case of any accident resulting from violation of these security rules. In the event of vandalism or any damage to equipment, property, fish or non respect of the house rules, the anglers' permission to be on site will be forfeited and the angler will be asked to immediately leave the property of Abbey Lakes.

Membership of the private club - Abbey Lakes:

All anglers become automatically private members of the Abbey Lakes' Club when they book their angling holidays. The entry fees to the private club of Abbey Lakes are all included in the price of their angling session and stay.

Legal jurisdiction:

Only the court of Compiègne (France) will be qualified in the event of any conflict or dispute.

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