Bait Boat Hire Service

At Abbey Lakes we provide a 5 star bait boat rental service in partnership with Global Fishing operating Navigator bait boats.

If you would like to travel hassle free and pickup your bait boat on site, we strongly suggest booking your bait boat upfront with your angling session as we have a limited amount of bait boats to hire.

All our boats are equipped with 2 fully charged batteries and internal fish finder and can only be booked for Saturday to Saturday sessions for the weekly cost of 210€.

The ‘Navigator' bait boat is developed and manufactured in the Netherlands and distinguishes itself in terms of quality and sustainability. The trimaran hull (three parallel hull parts) is manufactured from 4 mm shockproof ABS and can therefore be used in the most extreme weather conditions. The ‘Navigator’ has been developed in 3D CAD, resulting in a unique appearance, while maintaining a very good manoeuvrability and stability.

The ‘Navigator' is able to operate in different waters, thanks to the stainless-steel screw protection and the fish finder. Only the very best components are utilised for the assembly of the ‘Navigator' and these components are protected by a special watertight seal.

To reserve your Navigator Bait Boat simply log in to your 'Abbey Lakes customer area' where you can book and pay for your hire if there are any available for your holiday duration. 


Navigator Bait Boat
Fish Finder Screen
Fish Finder Screen
Fish Finder Screen

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