Attila Lake

Size : 18 Acres
Swims : 9
Anglers : 7 max
Rating : Easy to Moderate


Attila is the most recent addition to the 'main Lakes' stable, . Attila started life as the stock pond for Fox and Heron but at 18 acres in size is definitely a superb fishery in it's own right now! The lake has 9 pegs and Abbey allow up to 7 Anglers on at any one time, so while there isn't quite as much of a choice should you wish to change swims, it is always a possibility!  The lake is almost round in shape but with a small 3 or 4 acre bay running off down one bank where 3 of the swims are located.

It is slightly shallower than the other Lakes at Abbey with depths ranging from 4'-11' throughout the main part of the lake and the odd slightly deeper area around 13'-15'. Once again it can be quite weedy during the peak Summer months but once past the margins it is quite clear on the whole with just a few major weedbeds present in the centre of the lake.

It does have a small island at the 'far end' and can only be fished from 2 of the banks thereby ensuring that nobody interferes with anyone else's water! The average weight of fish is pushing on dramatically as the lake gains in popularity and currently sits at around 30lb – 40l its difficult to put an excact number on stock leveld but its safe to say its well overstocked like all our lakes here , the fish in ATILLA are growing a staggering rate and and already boasts an impressive 4 different fish breaking the magical 60lb barrier and I’m sure it wont be long before it contains 70lb ‘ers like the other main lakes , ! If regular action from an ever-growing stock of fish is what you are after, Attila will definitely tick all the boxes but be quick because if they continue to grow at these rates, it'll be busier than Fox and Heron within the next few years!



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