Fox Lake

Size : 25 Acres
Swims : 18
Anglers : 13 max
Rating : Moderate


Fox was the first Lake available to fish when Abbey opened it's doors way back in the year 2000. Since then it has progressed at an incredible rate and having matured from being the 'runs water' of old, it is now the jewel in the crown on the complex! The lake itself is around 25 acres in size and is shaped in roughly the same manner as a capital letter P. There are 18 swims around the lake and there is a limit of 13 anglers allowed at any one time, so there is always an option to move should you wish! The make up of the lake is a largely sand and gravel bed with a prolific growth of canadian pondweed around the margins in Summer and some silkweed beds in the central areas of the lake during the same period. There is a large plateau at the top end of the lake (in the head of the 'P') as well as numerous holes, gullies and bars to be found around the rest of the lake. Unlike most other French fisheries, depths range from 6'-8' in the steeply shelving margins down to an average of 14'-16' out in the middle, with deeper areas still, between Pegs 14 and 15. The only other thing of note that you should be aware of is the (well publicised) fact that Fox is also home to a population of signal crayfish that frequent the shallower, clear areas of the lake during the warmer months. Despite the fish not quite having hit the heady heights of Heron Lake next door, the average weight of the stock in Fox is almost unrivalled anywhere else in Europe! At a guess there are around 750-800 carp present, this total comprises a good mix of mid / upper 20lb fish as well as many in the 30lb+ bracket. What sets Fox apart from the crowd is it's huge head of 40lb+ Carp. Again this is an estimation but we believe that some 320+ of the stock are between 40lb-50lb in weight, on paper at least, that's the equivalent to nearly every other fish being over the magical figure! Fox also has numerous carp over the 50lb mark too, at the start of the 2014 season it was assumed that there were around 10-12 of these and 2 or 3 over 60lb but during the winter period last year, 2 anglers alone banked 15 different 50's in a single week, this fact, along with some other captures during the past 2 seasons, leads us to believe there are actually between 35-40 different 50's! The 60lb+ club is currently made up of 3 known fish, The Chestnut (a fish that was always associated with Heron but has in fact ALWAYS lived in Fox!), the lake's best known resident, Humpy, that holds the current Lake record at 79lb 12oz exactly and finally, the super-elusive Cheeky, a fish that is often seen but hasn't been banked since way back in 2009 when it tipped the scales round to a little over 68lb and is now presumed to be comfortably into the upper 70's, or possibly even bigger! There are a handful of larger common carp in the lake that all appear to be comfortably in excess of 50lb too, with 1 in particular that should hopefully push to the mid 60 bracket when it finally grace somebody's net? Last but by no means least, there is a head of grass carp present that is headed by 2 simply enormous specimens that may well be over 35kg in weight, that's over 77lb in old money! To sum up, according to the bailiff's notes and our own catch reports last year (2016), the average weight of Carp in Fox is between 38-42lb!


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