Frog Lake

Size: 4 Acres

Swims: 6

Anglers: 4 max

Exlusive bookings only



Frog is the newest edition to the abbey fleet and is run slightly different to the other lakes, this lake is booked Saturday to Saturday exclusive for a maximum of 4 anglers at a cost of €1100.

The lake is 6 acres in size containing a good head of fish , the average size at the moment is 20lb – 25lb but there is also plenty of 30lb fish and a few over 40lb with the best so far a low 50lb grassy and an upper 50lb common ,the lake also contains a group of fully scaled fish that are around the 30lb mark now that would be  great addition to any anglers photo album.

The average depth is around 12 feet , the bottom is made up of mainly silt and gravel areas , the maximum range you will be fishing is 80 yds so not too testing , the only downside of frog is that you wont be getting too much sleep as multiple catches are very common , its quite common for a group of 4  anglers to bank well over 100 fish in a week!!!!

So if you are looking for a lake not too hard , great for a social as the swims are all next to each other, and right next to all the toilets,showers and the clubhouse then look no further than frog!!