Heron Lake

Size : 35 Acres
Swims : 22
Anglers : 17 max
Rating : Moderate


Heron was the second carp lake to open on the complex and at 35 acres, it is currently the largest too. Heron is an English carp fisherman's dream, comprising large open areas, smaller channels, an island and several secluded bays where you can tuck yourself away. There are 22 swims present with a 17 angler limit, again giving everyone the opportunity to move if they want to? The bottom of the lake is also a lot more undulating than in Fox and it is vital to use a marker rod or echo sounder to discover the best features in any given swim! Heron is the weedier of the 2 and in Summer has large beds of canadian pondweed in most areas of the lake, although like Fox, Heron is incredibly deep as opposed to most other commercial fisheries and this still leaves vast areas of the lake clear and allows you to fish over a firm gravel or silt bottom. Heron does not have any issues with signal crayfish, although as is per our other waters, there are numbers of the much smaller European crayfish present, for the most part though, these are so small their pincers can't do much damage to a boilie, although they can whittle one down through the hours of darkness. In terms of stock, Heron has an even bigger head of carp, some 1000 being present, with an average weight somewhere in the region of the upper 30lb mark. What set Heron apart until recently, was the chance to angle for an absolute monster, Shoulders, the queen of the Lake, which still holds the overall complex record at a staggering 98lb 4oz! Unfortunately, the great fish passed away early in 2016 but as they say, something will always come through the ranks and although there is no 'the King is dead, long live the King' scenario, it's actually a small group of fish that have all moved very quickly from weights in the mid 50lb bracket to the mid/upper 60lb mark! Most notably, Maria, The Unknown Mirror and the Double Belly Common have all been banked in 2017 at weights in excess of 67lb! Where Fox has emerged as a venue with an excellent average weight of fish, Heron's stocking levels have allowed a different pattern to emerge. Booking a trip here should see regular action from a bigger stock of slightly smaller carp but as already mentioned, with the chance to bag the fish of a lifetime! The majority of the stock are between 28-35lb, there are also huge numbers of carp in the 35-40lb bracket but our estimates suggest 'only' 125-150 different 40's. The difference lies in the fact that Heron possesses a staggering amount of 50lb+ fish, with around 80 carp topping this weight! In amongst these are 10-12 different 60lb+ fish, the most famous of which are White tips, Single Scale, The Unknown Mirror, Woodys aka The M5, Cluster, the Half Lin aka Barbs, and of course, Maria! Once more there is a head of abnormally large grassies as well as 5 Carp Argente, one of which has become a bit of a local celebrity as he / she regularly gets 'papped' sunning itself over the bar in Peg 14. Why you might ask? Well, it could have something to do with the fact the fish weighs between 120lb-130lb and is quite a sight in the gin clear water!


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