Kingfisher Lake

Size : 32 Acres
Swims : 11
Anglers : 8 max
Rating : Moderate


Kingfisher is something of an unknown quantity. Formerly marketed as Abbey's 'predator' Lake during the early years, it has started to throw up some seriously good looking and seriously heavy carp in equal measure during the past 2 or 3 years, as the braver souls have tried a little 'pioneering' away from the crowds on Fox and Heron! At roughly 32 acres in size, this almost rectangular lake has it all. Depths range from 2'-42', there is a huge gravel bar that comes up from 24' to a depth of 2' under the surface, nearly cutting the Lake in to 2 halves. There are gorgeous, clear, deep margins with depths up to 12' just a rod length out, a vast silty area nearly 6 acres in size, rafts of canadian pondweed and also a huge 'resident' weedbed along one bank that dominates almost a quarter of the lake in the height of Summer! The thing that sets Kingfisher apart from the other lakes on the complex, aside from it's unknown stock, is the variety of fish that can be found in it! All the lakes on the complex have some tench, rudd and the odd pike present but Kingfisher also has some specimen sized bream and of course, some absolutely huge catfish! These aren't always weighed as the Europeans tend to record their lengths instead, but a good guess would be between an 80lb-100lb average with more than a handful exceeding 150lb+. The largest known catfish in the past was over 220lb!! Anyway, back to the carp.. Nobody is entirely sure quite how many are present but approximately 100-150 would again be a fair guess. The average size of these is somewhere around 35lb and with around 60 different 40lb+ fish and 14 different 50lb+ carp reported last season (2016) it is fair to say that the potential is still very much untapped! The largest carp (a mirror) was over 64lb in weight and there have been sightings of even bigger during the spawning period! These fish are by no means easy to catch but for the time being are still relatively naive and as a result, some big hauls are possible! One final thing of note regarding Kingfisher is the fact that due to the additional weed growth and the size of the catfish, it is possible to use a rowing boat at all times of the year and consequently you can ONLY use one for the playing and landing of fish.


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